Load shedding across South Africa

Eskom has declared quite openly that the power grid will not be stable until 2018 and from past experience we would expect this to be conservative.

Due to collapse of some of our power stations such as Majuba, Eskom have had to fall back on old technology diesel generators. These were installed years ago to handle one or two hour emergencies. Currently this is clearly not the case as these generators are working 24/7 incurring the huge cost of diesel.

How long will it be possible to run these generators and what back-up will there be after that?

At the current time the country is experiencing load shedding and on the 5th February 2015 the country experienced Stage 3 load shedding which is the most serious level prior to complete blackouts.
We are in a precarious situation in this country and decisions must be made by companies and individuals to safeguard their situations and invest in a generator.
Please be warned that there are many generators being offered on the market which are completely unsuitable and of poor quality. As generators are a grudge purchase, attractive pricing plays a part in the decision making of what to purchase. Like all things in life if the price looks ‘too good’ it most probably is – so be wise and buy reputable products.

Load Shedding Schedules

Eskom Load Shedding Schedules may be of assistance and the company has undertaken to advise the public via SABC, Dstv and Eskom Power Bulletin broadcasts after the SABC News in the

This situation will not improve in the short term and your decision to purchase a generator is vital.

Please contact us should you require any information that can be of assistance to you.

Load shedding