Masons Generators

ELECTRICAL GENERATOR SYSTEMS is the sole distributor in Southern Africa for Masons Power Generation. It is part of one of the largest manufacturers of generator sets in the world and has been in existence since 1937.

Quality, efficiency and high product standards are consistently achieved through the use of modern design and manufacturing techniques.

As a result, Masons generators exceed international regulations for noise and environmental pollution.

This commitment to quality and design is supported by ISO 9001 as well as a number of other safety and environmental certifications. Read more about our Certifications.

Masons Generators meet all your requirements

Masons specialises in a wide versatile range of generators from 5 KVA to 3.360 KVA and above, and are able to satisfy all applications and requirements. Masons has the experience and technical know-how to develop solutions to answer every kind of request.
Pramac & Masons Generators - GPW set
We have the technical support of Masons and have highly qualified electrical engineers in South Africa who are able to assist in electrical layouts and other technical matters.


ELECTRICAL GENERATOR SYSTEMS has partnered with a number of electrical engineering companies to assist with installations and repairs when required.

Masons Generators